Music expresses what we cannot say with words.

Music therapy makes audible what seems inexpressible. My therapy methods are based on mindfulness, and it’s always about listening to one’s own sound in this one moment. We do not always need words. If you listen carefully, you can understand.

There are no words.
You keep returning to the same point over and over again.
Feel misunderstood.
You feel triggered by things.
But you don’t know why.

Music transports every person to a different place. Towards their deepest feelings, innermost thoughts, in the here and now. You don’t have to be a musician or musical. Previous experience is not necessary but also very welcome. When we make or listen to music, we are far less likely to hide behind verbal statements. Right or wrong, good and bad, are irrelevant here. Understanding happens on a different level. I will accompany you. To strengthen you and help you to find yourself.


Mit Klängen zum Glücklichsein

Immer mehr Menschen haben mit psychischen und körperlichen Problemen zu kämpfen. Anja Schäfer ist die erste promovierte Musiktherapeutin in Graz und gewährte der STEIRERIN Einblicke in ihr Fachgebiet.

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Seminar für Frauen

Es stehen neue Herausforderungen bevor und du fühlst dich oftmals von innen und außen getrieben. Deine Lebendigkeit, deine Lust und Freude gehen dadurch verloren? Du wünschst dir die Verbindung zu deiner inneren Stimme, die dich stärkt  

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You need space for yourself. Too many people overwhelm you. Or you are interested in exchanging experiences in a group. Others may feel the same way.

In individual therapy, we work on your specific issues and needs, and I accompany you as you engage with yourself. In group therapy, the focus is on sharing, which makes this treatment valuable and emotionally rewarding.




My academic work allows me to conduct research in the field of music therapy, collaborate nationally and internationally, gain new insights, look at my clinical practice experience from a theoretical perspective, and test my treatment theories in practice.

Exploring innovative approaches, conducting studies, and developing the discipline of music therapy is a pursuit that I am fully committed to with curiosity and joy.